Jul 30 2009

Starting Fresh

Hey, thanks for visiting the new digs.  Check out that vanity URL.  Fancy, huh?

OK, really, what am I doing starting a new blog site?  Well, I’ve been using my band’s page as my own personal blog for a long time.  Mostly, this hasn’t been a big deal, as the band hasn’t been doing a lot lately, other than hanging out and drinking beer.  But now that we’ve been gigging somewhat regularly, and getting ready to record our first album, I felt that my personal posts should have their own place.  There have been quite a few things that I have held back from posting, because I knew they didn’t fit with the spirit of the band’s page, and I just don’t want those sort of restrictions on myself.

Plus, now I have my own name in a domain name.  Come on, admit it, that’s pretty cool.  Now you want one too, don’t you?

I figure, given the awesome new URL, and the lack of mention of the band, or my firehouse, or my job, or really anything except for me, I can stretch out, post what I want, and not have to answer to anyone.  That’s the plan.  So, look forward to lots more posts about those lousy Mets who I love so much, and the Giants, and whatever else happens to cross my mind.  You must be so excited.

Don’t forget to find the “Register” link, type away freely in the comments boxen, love up the RSS feed, and share with your friends and enemies.  Thanks!