Back to my Mac (from the CLI)

It occurs to me that people:

  • Forget their Mac is a powerful Unix machine
  • Don’t know how to use all that Unix power anyway
  • Probably spend more money/Tylenol on external software than they need to

Want to SSH back to your home machine, without having to jump through iCloud hoops?  Have a Dropbox account?  Just automate this script:

#! /bin/sh
oldip=`cat $HOME/Dropbox/home.ip.txt`
newip=`curl 2>/dev/null`
if [[ $oldip != $newip ]] ; then
    echo $newip > $HOME/Dropbox/home.ip.txt
Next time on Nerds R Us: how to automate that with cron.  (But that might be, you know, July.)

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